Netizen Exposed The Real Attitude Of Willie Revillame! What He Said Was Way Unexpected!

Willie Revillame, prominent actor, TV host, songwriter, businessman, and comedian, is known for hosting variety shows named after him. His most popular shows were named Wowowee, Willing Willie, Wil Time Bigtime, and Wowowillie. Obviously, he’s really wowed by the letter “W.”

Willie is also famous for the “bigyan ng jacket ‘yan” meme that gained popularity after he started giving away free jackets to his shows’ contestants. As a businessman, Willie Revillame developed the aptly named Wil Tower Mall with business partner Manny Villar. The property is located near ABS-CBN’s corporate headquarters along Eugenio Lopez Drive in Quezon City.

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However, with popularity comes public scrutiny and Willie Revillame is definitely no stranger to controversy. A criminal charge was filed against him in August 2007 in connection with the Wowowee stampede that occurred at the PhilSports Stadium. The stampede tragically took the lives of 73 people.

Another controversial incident occurred on August 3, 2009, during an episode of Wowowee. The show was interrupted by live coverage former President Cory Aquino’s remains being transferred from De La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral. Willie Revillame garnered criticism from the Alliance of Filipino Journalists after he prematurely stopped his variety show, claiming he could not properly make his fans happy while the country mourned.

Despite the numerous controversies, Willie Revillame showed his true colors when a fan saw him at a mall and asked to take a selfie with the variety show host. Willie Revillame generously obliged the fan’s request and even laughed with him as he jokingly sang Willie’s iconic doobi doobi dap dap song lyric.

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Willie Revillame is currently trending because of the recent resurgence of his old song Beep Beep Beep Ang Sabi ng Jeep. The song is generating a lot of buzz on social media due to the iconic lyrics, doobi doobi dap dap – the same lyrics that were sung by the fan who took a selfie with him.

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Willie Revillame obviously has kind heart and generous spirit not only for his fans but for everyone. Can’t get enough of Willie? Want to know what his fan was singing about? Check out this hilarious meme below!

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