4-Year-Old Child Died After A Week After Swimming. When The Doctors Found Out What Happened They Couldn’t Believe It!

Every summer, kids always look forward to swimming at the beach or pool. On the other hand, their parents have to make sure that they are safe from harm while they splash around the water. Taking their eyes off of them for a split second and tragedy could already strike. However, no matter how vigilant a parent can be, accidents could still happen.

On May 29, four-year-old Frankie, or Francisco Delgado III, went swimming with his family. Everything seemed to have gone well. They all had fun and went home in one piece without any accidents happening…or so they thought?

A few days later, Frankie started experiencing flu-like symptoms, before feeling a bit better. One week passed by and the four-year-old woke up and screamed out loud due to an extreme pain. Seconds later, he passed away.

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Frankie’s dad immediately called the ambulance so that they could rush the boy to the nearest hospital and possibly save his life. Unfortunately, the doctors and nurses did everything they could to revive him but to no avail.

A few moments later, Tara, Frankie’s mom, was approached by two doctors who told her that their son died from drowning. She got confused and told them it was impossible since the last time they went swimming was one week before the incident. The doctors explained that it is still possible for someone to drown even after more than 24 hours from the last swim.

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The boy’s lungs were filled with water and he had fallen victim to so-called dry drowning. Dry drowning is a phenomenon wherein “someone takes in a small amount of water through his or her nose and/or mouth, and it causes a spasm in the airway, causing it to close up.”

The symptoms are:
• Difficulty breathing after swimming
• Drowsiness or sleepiness
• Forgetfulness or a change in behavior

Read more about dry drowning here.

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