Missing! Angie Llanes,18 Years-Old, Needs Your Help! Have You Seen Her?

This girl has been missing for two days and she is still yet to be seen or heard from. Angelica “Angie” Llanes is an 18-year old girl from Hulo, Mandaluyong who went to SM Megamall last Monday. Together with a friend, they went to the mall to buy a cellphone and school supplies.

Here’s Angie’s missing poster:

via Facebook

According to her friend, she saw Angie ride a jeepney home and that’s the last time that she saw her. According to Michelle Largabo, the netizen who posted this on Facebook, the missing girl even left a text to her big sister at 9pm saying that she’s homebound… she never got home that night. Her mother, Cecil Bambi, misses her child and the netizen said that she’s crying non-stop.

Here’s another picture of her:

via Facebook

The post is slowly going viral with already 1,414 shares. The netizens have various theories of her disappearance. There are some who are thinking of the worse and there are others who said that Angie is quite a beautiful lady and she might have left home to runaway with a lover, “tanan-style”.

via Facebook

As of now, the post is circulating on the internet and there are yet to be updates on the whereabouts the young missing person. Everyone is advised to keep their loved ones safe at all times. It would also be helpful if the news of her appearance gets more viral to give the public a heads-up.

Here in Coolimatic Blog, we are extending our concern and help to the Llanes family.

Have you seen her or someone who looks like her? Do you have a lead on the missing girl? Tel us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this story with your friends and family to make sure that her story spreads around even more.

Source: Facebook

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