Where Are Your Favorite “Meteor Garden” Stars now? See Full Details Here!

Meteor Garden was the first Asian drama love for many Filipinos. Can you still recall the days when you would stop whatever it was you were doing and rush to the TV when it was already 4:30 in the afternoon? Or maybe those times when you sing the songs from the soundtrack with lyrics you can’t even comprehend?

Well, Meteor Garden has aired in the Philippines almost fifteen years ago, but until today, many Filipinos still remember the awesome story of the Asian drama series. The story and the characters have stayed with them so well, they even remember the famous lines and kilig moments.

But, have you ever wonder how the actors are doing now? Read on to find out!

  1. Barbie Hsu – the brave but innocent Shan Cai is now a mom of two! She has not seen in big projects for quite some time because she has stepped out of the limelight to focus on her kids. She married the Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei.

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  2. Jerry Yan – hands down to his portrayal of the iconic bad boy Dao Ming Su. It may be his best identifier, but he’s actually very successful after this stint and turned out to be a multi-awarded actor and singer. However, unlike the other F4 members, Jerry Yan isn’t quite lucky with relationships. He’s still single.

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  3. Vic Zhou – we were all torn apart between Hua Ze Lei and Dao Ming Su. He may not be the one who captured Shan Cai’s heart but he actually pursued it in real life and has dated Barbie Hsu.  He is now a husband and a father.

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  4. Ken Chu – the ever-dashing Xi Men made the headlines last year when he wed Chinese actress Han Wenwen in Bali. And it was a real time capsule moment. He sang the nostalgic “Meteor Rain” in the reception with none other than Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu.

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  5. Vaness Wu – Mei Zuo’s oozing charisma and rebel persona gave life to the fearsome F4. However, in real life, he chose to be a server of God and became a Christian in 2009. He married a Singaporean heiress, Arissa Cheo, in 2013, and was one of the judges for Asia’s Hot Talent.

    via instagram.com/vannesswu

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    SOURCE: ABS-CBN Lifestyle

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