EX-PBB Housemate Wendy Valdez Revealed The Tear-Jerking Story Of Her Pregnancy And Her Baby!

Remember Wendy Valdez? She is an alumna of the second season of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother. She was the third placer of her batch. She bagged a lead role in a TV drama series Margaritain 2007.

In 2015, Wendy got engaged to her non-showbiz boyfriend Normann Garcia. The marriage proposal was made during their trip to Pico de Loro in Batangas. The good news was also shared on social media.

“I know my love listens to God, because he was able to orchestrate the perfect proposal with the perfect ring, and the perfect moment, with the perfect people to help him,” Valdez wrote in her Instagram post.

“They were perfect because he executed them with the guidance of the one thing that is perfect. Our impeccable father. God. It was a joyful occurrence. We were both delighted and laughing, and our hearts are overwhelmed,” she continued.

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Wendy and Normann tied the knot on December 2015 in Tagaytay. She got pregnant, but unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage. According to a report from ABS-CBN News, her doctor discovered that she had a blighted ovum, which meant that her fertilized egg did not develop into an embryo.

“I felt sad. My dreams and visions changed. And then I told myself. ‘GOD IS IN CONTROL.’ HE is faithful and His plans are great for me and my family,” Wendy wrote in her post.

“For me, it worked for the good because I have experienced a week where my husband took care of me selflessly and I really felt loved by him. He would remind me to take my meds,” she added.

On May 30 this year, Wendy announced on her IG page that she is pregnant again. She also wrote that the blessing was the result of their prayers.

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“After we lost our first baby, we have not ceased praying for a child of our own. Every month we waited and prayed. For some reason, I felt like God closed my womb. I surrendered to the truth that God will not withhold something from us if it would not be for the good, and for His glory,” her post reads.

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“For 7 months, God has taught us a lot about our marriage and about myself. I heard people telling me to get work up, and how difficult it is to get pregnant my age, but I only focused on the Lord and what He can do. I also experienced the pressure of people always asking, if we are already pregnant. With that, I trusted God’s timing and plan alone,” she continued.

The couple, along with their family, threw a baby shower with ‘The Little Prince’ theme. They named their baby Emmanuel Seth.

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