This Filipina Was Bashed After Marrying an American Guy Older Than Her Parents! Is This True Love?

As the saying goes, “age is an issue of mind over matter– if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” And it seems like this applies to this couple who have an age gap of 34 years.

Couple Ivy Sumando and David Haldane first met online and they started as friends. However, despite the distance, David was still able to find ways to meet Ivy who lived in Surigao del Norte while he lived in the United States.

Ivy’s parents had a hard time giving them their blessing at first and some would say that the Filipina is only after the American journalist’s money
However, the love of the couple is genuine and true. No matter what was thrown at them, David and Ivy stayed strong.

Happy endings don’t only happen in fairytales. David, 59, and Ivy, 25, tied the knot and is now blessed with a six-year-old son.

What do you think of their love story? Share your thoughts with us!

Source: KAMI

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