Good Guy Coco: Coco Martin Helped His Child Co-Stars Go Back To School!

Coco Martin is definitely known as one of the nicest actors in the country. From his sweet looks to his adorable friendship with the “Unkabogable” Vice Ganda, it’s easy to see why just about everyone gets along with Coco.

This will definitely shock you… in the best way possible! As Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, he gets to work with a lot of stars of different ages. The show is loved by people because the subject matters featured are close to the recent happenings in the country, making the show totally relatable.

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Another part of the show that makes it shine is with their excellent cast of child actors and actresses. We’re not just talking about Onyok Pineda and Awra Briguela, they also have 3 other young talents with just as impressive acting skills!

James Sagarino, Shanthel Ngujo, and Rhian Lorraine Ramos, the kids who play Paquito, Ligaya, and Dang, respectively. Just check out this performance:

Although, it looks like the viewers ain’t the only ones who fell in love with these kids, check out what Coco did for them!

Apparently, he paid and arranged them to get into Angelicum College in Quezon City!

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Fortunately, the three of them passed the entrance exam and they are now prepping up to go to school. Oh, and Coco Martin didn’t just pay their tuition fee for the special program for young artists, he even paid for their school supplies, textbooks, and uniform! Yup, the whole package!

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According to PUSH, the three were previously received housing from the show’s production!

That’s not all! According to the source, Coco Martin is just happy for the kids and he is keeping mum about his good deed.

What can you say about what Coco Martin did for these 3 lucky young talents? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this story right here!

Source: PUSH

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