Robin Padilla Found out That Senator Antonio Trillanes Is in Netherlands: “Naiistorbo kami sa aming mga makabayan na gawain!”

Robin Padilla is a known vocal supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte ever since the latter has campaigned for the presidency back in the May 2016 elections. As such, Duterte has shown his gratitude to the actor by granting him executive clemency in November 2016.

This meant that Robin was pardoned so that he could go the United States and be with his wife. Even though the actor has not yet been formally offered a position in the government by Duterte, it is evident that Robin is extremely loyal to the president.

Facebook fan page ‘Duterte 100% Supporters‘ released a video that featured Robin Padilla lambasting Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who is one of the most vocal critics of the president. 

According to the description of the video: “Ano na naman kaya ang pinaplano ni Trillanes na nasa Netherlands siya mga ka-DDS.? Salamat kay idol Robin Padilla dahil nalaman natin na nagpunta doon itong traydor na Senador. Paki kalat po para malaman ng iba….”

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Robin began by saying: “Kasi naiistorbo kami eh, andito kasi si Trillanes.” He scoffs and then continues to talk. “Naiistorbo kami sa aming mga makabayan na gawin dahil naguguluhan kami kung bakit andito si Trillanes.”

According to the Philippine Star, the government has peace talk negotiations with the Communist Party of the Philippines-National Democratic Front (CPP-NDF) in the Netherlands.

The source cited that they were already in the fifth round of their talk in Noordwijk, Netherlands. The event happened on May 27 to June 1. Although there were no sources that verify Trillanes IV has so-called malicious intentions against Duterte, Robin cited that he may have such.

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The actor was apparently in Netherlands as well. He continued on the video: “Naguguluhan si Pareng Jack, bakit andito si Trillanes?” He referred to his companion and said: “Pareng Jack, ba’t ka ba naguguluhan?”

His companion immediately answered: “Nakapapagtaka ‘yung pagpunta niya dito sa Netherlands. Ibig sabihin, ‘di pupunta dito ‘yan na wala talagang importanteng bagay.”

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It was evident that both of them were just speculating since there were no reports that verified the senator was indeed in Netherlands and if he was, they couldn’t prove that he has such so-called ill intentions.

Meanwhile, many netizens commented their own speculations and said that Trillanes IV may be “plotting” against the president. It is to be noted that it is not verified whether the senator was with the peace talk negotiations aforementioned or not.

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Here is the whole video for your reference:

What do you think about Robin Padilla’s rants? Do you really believe that Senator Trillanes IV was in Netherlands with so-called ill intentions? Share us your comments below!

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