For the First Time: Ian Veneracion Opened Up About His Private Family Life And Shared His ‘Love Story’ With Wife Pam!

Stephen Ian Lopez Veneracion, more popularly known as Ian Veneracion, is one of the most marketable leading men of the Pinoy showbiz industry today. This matinee idol became everybody’s crush ever since he made a huge showbiz comeback.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with Ian’s character Eduardo Buenavista in ABS-CBN’s Pangako Sa ‘Yo? Who wouldn’t be captivated by Ian’s charm as Antonio Noble IV in his current TV series, A Love to Last?

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But did you know that Ian Veneracion is actually a little secretive about his private life?

Ian Veneracion has been in the showbiz industry for so long. He first appeared in a sitcom called Joey and Son which was a huge success. It was followed by several TV and movie appearances during his teen years.

However, he eventually took a break from the limelight and pursued activities that made him happier. When he returned, nobody expected that he would be welcomed by such a huge pool of fans who were overwhelmed with his outstanding talent and good looks.

Despite his fame, he remained silent about his family life. He chose not to disclose his family life as he wants to preserve his family’s privacy. Recently, ABS-CBN conducted a tell-all interview with him wherein he openly shared the wonderful story of how he met his wife, Pam Gallardo.

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During the interview, he narrated that it was a great challenge for him to get to know the lady he would spend the rest of his life with. Interestingly, Ian had an extraordinary love story which can pass as a plot for one of his movies!

The charming actor also shared some of his bonding moments with his kids. He revealed that loves going on adventures with his family.

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In front of the camera, Ian Veneracion is well-loved by thousands of his fans but he’s definitely most loved by his own family.

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