Gorgeous British Woman Married A Simple Indonesian Man! This Is What True Love Is!

True love really comes in the most unexpected time with the most unexpected person, but then everything seems to be perfect right?

This is a story of how a beautiful girl felled in love with a simple Indonesian guy named BayuKumabara, who’s taking up classes at the Andalas University in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Brocklehurst went to Indonesia to explore and to travel when she stumble upon this man and I must say that love at first sight indeed worked for the both of them! Something magical occurred between the both of them!

They fell in love with each other, and in just a few months after, they decided to get married! With the help of the netizens, they were able to perform the wedding!

People donated money for this wedding to be done and also to allow their parents to attend the celebration!

Let the whole world know about this love story!

Source: Wereblog

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