CONTROVERSIAL: Pia Wurtzbach’s Half Brother Allegedly Claim That She Lied on Her ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’ Story!

Last June 3, 2017, ABS-CBN’s longest-running drama-anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya ran an episode about Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach’s life and how she was able to achieve success despite the several challenges that were thrown her way.

According to Rappler, the episode was titled “Korona” and it featured Liza Soberano as Pia Wurtzbach. The story began from Pia Wurtzbach’s childhood days when she was still with her parents (played by Zsa Zsa Padilla and Lee O’Brien) living in Cagayan de Oro.

The source cited: “Among the significant moments in Pia’s early life were when Pia’s sister Sarah defended her from a bully and when she had to lie to her mom about her father’s mistresses. Her father ended up leaving their family for another woman, which devastated Pia.”

Most netizens raved about the episode and said that it definitely inspired them, especially to those who have beauty queen aspirations like Pia herself. They also praised Liza’s acting and said that she brought the role to justice.

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However, there were others who said that Queen P was lying in her own life story. According to YouTube account ‘Showbiz na Showbiz,’ Pia Wurtzbach was accused by her half-brother that she lied. The video report featured a status from Alexander Wurtzbach. He said: “Sa lahat lahat ayaw ko yung sisiraan mo ang patay na.”

He continued: “wala ng kinalaman yun eh. Karmahin sana kayo parang walang pinagaralan. Wag munang dadlhin ang apelyedo na yan kung alam mo ganyan ugali mo ng tatay mo. Kala ko ba babaero sya at wala sya kwenta bakit mahal mo parin sya.”

“your a freaking liar dont use my father’s surname if you don’t like him you’r a millionaire now so change it! Don’t say your money will help you. you are a liar!!!”

A Facebook user, Robie Asingua, also posted a controversial status in her account.

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via Facebook

Fashion Pulis revealed that Asingua replied back in the comments section. One of her reply was: “Bw*set na batang yan, pwera ba na miss universe sya kung anu2x na ang kinwento… Napanood ko MMK Pia Wurtzbach life story… his father was my pass away husband… His father never ask help from her at all…”

She further revealed: “Yes father ni Pia is the father of my son Alexandrer [Alexander Wurtzbach]… Oo diha sa Palawan namatay, shame to herself kahit singkong duling di yan tumulong yan ang mabait na anak ni Uwe Miss Universe na walang puso…”

Watch the video report here for your reference:

Shocking! What do you think about this controversy? Do you think Pia Wurtzbach was lying in her own story in Maalaala Mo Kaya? Let us know in the comments section below!


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