Matteo Guidicelli Talks About Getting Married With Girlfriend Sarah Geronimo

If you’re a fan of the real-life celebrity couple Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo, this news is definitely for you!

Just last month, people started speculating that the two might already be engaged because of a picture of the ASAP mainstay with a big rock on her finger. Although, this was dismissed by the couple and they said that they are not engaged… not yet.

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Don’t worry though, it looks the idea is already in Matteo’s mind! That’s right! In an interview with Philstar, he talked about how he wanted to do their wedding! Get ready to say “awwww” because the kilig levels are about to go critical!

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But first, let’s go with how he plans to pop the big question. According to the Half Italian actor, he said that he won’t be a “gaya-gaya” and he won’t be doing something blown out of proportions in public but he said that he’ll do it in his own way.

He added, “Honestly, I still have to think about that. And when the time comes, I guess you’ll hear about it.” Well, Sarah’s parents are already fond with the actor so you never know, it might be soon.

Speaking of families, he also talked about how he’s even saving up for his future family! He was currently signed as the new ambassador to Sun Life and he said that the company is something that’s helpful when it comes to #lifegoals!

Back to the kilig part, when he was asked if he would like to have the ceremony abroad, he answered, “I’d like to keep it simple, yung gusto ko ‘yung family and friends and loved ones are all there lang, regardless of the location.”

What do you guys think though? Are Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo going to get hitched soon? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this story!

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