These Parents Lost Their 2 Kids to a Tsunami. After 10 Years, They Saw A Mysterious Photo That Changed Everything!

In 2004, a massive tsunami devastated several countries in South and Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, and Thailand. The tsunami was caused by the 3rd largest earthquake ever recorded which had the longest duration ever observed, ranging between 8.3-10 minutes.

At least 225,000 people were killed in this horrific catastrophe, and families mourned the loss of lives and damaged homes.

A couple from Indonesia was one of those who lost their loved ones to the tsunami. They sadly lost 2 of their 3 kids. The father, Septi Rangkuti, tried to protect them by placing them atop a large wooden board. Unfortunately, the children became carried away by the waves caused by the tsunami.

Septi and his wife Jamaliah spent a month trying to find their missing children but eventually lost hope. They eventually chose to move on with their lives with the presence of their surviving child.

However, after a decade, Septi’s brother saw a familiar face in a nearby village. He asked around about the girl’s identity and discovered that she was rescued by a fisherman after the tsunami hit. He then confirmed that she was indeed Septi’s lost daughter, and auspiciously, she said that her brother is most likely alive.

Upon confirming the girl’s identity, Septi’s brother immediately called Jamaliah to tell her the great news. The couple then called the girl’s adoptive mother to meet with her, and when their eyes met they knew right away that it was their daughter, Jannah.

Jannah’s reunion with her parents caught the attention of mass media outlets, which led to the discovery of their missing son, Arif. When Arif’s adoptive parents saw his photo as a young boy on TV, they immediately contacted the couple. Arif then reunited with his parents as well.

According to reports, Arif was homeless after the disaster. He and Jannah washed up ashore together when a fisherman saw them, but, for reasons undisclosed, he only took Jannah and left Arif behind. Thankfully, a kind-hearted couple took him in.

When they showed the boy a picture of Jamaliah, he reportedly exclaimed, “That’s mother!” He could not remember recall her full name as he was too young when the tragedy happened, but he does remember Jamaliah as “Liah.”

The Rangkuti family are finally reunited after a decade of being apart. See them whole below:

“I’m happier here because I’m with my real family,” Jannah said.

“It feels like a reborn family. I sometimes feel like it’s a dream. Is it real or not? But then I just trust in God and believe that this is my family,” Jamaliah beamed.

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SOURCE: Newsner, Brittanica, Huffington Post

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