Kris Aquino Has a Revelation on Her Next Boyfriend: “Puwede maging choosy?” READ HERE!

Kris Aquino is definitely one of the most colorful personalities in the showbiz industry. This is due to the fact that she’s been involved with lots of men. In fact, there’s another article directly about that. Imagine a life without Kris Aquino? Bet you can’t do that, can you?

That’s because Kris Aquino is the so-called “Queen of All Media,” where everything kind of like hinges on her – so to speak. She has interviewed lots of controversial and famous personalities, but the girl has her own share of life stories as well.

Philippine Entertainment Portal revealed that the “Media Queen” is not giving up on her quest to find real love – no matter the men who’ve been involved with her since time immemorial.

via PEP

She detailed a comprehensive list on her own Instagram post dated May 30. According to the source, she wrote: “Pwedeng maging choosy? Age dapat plus or minus 7, dapat non smoker, has to love reading, works out (ayaw ni kuya & bimb ang hindi fit), prayerful, and hard working.”

She continued: “Bawal ang drugs & gambling. And most importantly good conversationalist & listener. Oh & clear, smooth skin. (Prayer list namin ‘to ni Bimb)”

Apparently, a netizen volunteered to find her a new boyfriend. Kris indulged the person and added that it would be ideal if the new boyfriend would want to build her own dream house. She said that she wanted an extensive garden filled with flowers and organic plants.

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The “Media Queen” continued: “Flowers everyday are romantic, but I pray for lasting love… Someone who will plant a garden with me (preferably in a greenhouse in Tarlac)and we’ll share a life until all our herbs fully mature, our organic produce are edible and our flowers bloom.”

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She added: “P.S. And we have 8 giant mango trees”

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The above photo is the exchange of conversation Kris had with another netizen, who is a male. As it could be seen, Kris got creeped out by the comment. The source said that he added: “Okay, I will make… for you and tickle you everyday.”

via PEP

Well, it’s probably safe to say that the netizen was probably “volunteering” to become Kris’ next boyfriend.

What do you think, dear readers? Who do you think would be the perfect boyfriend for Kris? Let us know in the comments section below!

SOURCE: Philippine Entertainment Portal

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