Alex Gonzaga Scolds Julia Barretto: “Oy, nakita ‘yung ano mo! Ipinagmalaki mo pa!” WATCH IT HERE!

Alex Gonzaga is known as one of the most vocal and frank personalities in showbiz. Just like her older sister Toni, Alex is outspoken and unafraid to speak her mind.

This is evident in her quips and funny lines that she often utters seemingly out of nowhere. Nowadays, she’s busy taking care of Toni’s son Seve, but Alex’s showbiz career hasn’t suffered one bit. The actress/host has already won two PMPC Star Awards for Best Talent Search Program Hosts for two separate talk shows (Dance Kids and ABS-CBN 2) in 2014.

Obviously, Alex Gonzaga is not your typical entertainer. Her frankness enables her to utter blunt lines filled with harsh truth that only she can deliver. Take this video that was uploaded by YouTube account ‘Ohania Updates.’ In the video, Alex Gonzaga caught Julia Barretto in a rather compromising position.

via YouTube

The video begins with Julia showing off her dress and dancing in front of the camera. Apparently, Alex can see her. Alex chides Julia and says:

“Oy, nakita ‘yung ano mo! Chini-chismis na… ipinagmalaki mo pa!”

via YouTube

Julia laughs it off as she adjusts her dress, specifically her undergarments. It seems as if both of them were inside a dressing room.

via YouTube

Of course, many netizens took to the comments section to express their thoughts about the mishap. Here were some of them:

“hahahaahhaah prangkang prangka” 

“Haha tawa lng si Julia eh” 

“I love u Alex gonzaga I like u ur very prank God bless u” 

“hahahha cute nyo love u guys” 

“parang nainggit si Alex kay JB” 

From the clip, it was evident that Julia was having fun. So much that she didn’t notice her slight wardrobe malfunction. It is not known what show or event Julia was preparing for, but it could be deduced that it may have been a guest appearance for a variety show or something similar.

Watch the whole video below to see exactly what happened:

What do you think about Alex Gonzaga scolding Julia Barretto? Have you ever experienced a similar wardrobe malfunction? Share your stories in the comments section below!


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