‘Ginalingan!’ Netizen Uploads His Striking Photos Online Showing His Creative Shots While Floating On Water!

Many people nowadays join photo shoots. Some are fun shoots only, while others are creative shoots. In the recent years, the world of art has embraced photography as a medium that people can use to create works of art.

The more creative the idea is, the more it can be noticed by people. Like this one.

via facebook.com/OfficialKaloka

A creative photo shoot was posted on Facebook on May 26, and since then, it had gone viral, bagging over 22 thousand reactions, 4.8 thousand comments, and 13 thousand shares. The photos captured the attention of many for the uniqueness of the idea of the photographer as well as a model.

via facebook.com/OfficialKaloka

A young boy creatively posed on the camera while trying to float in the water. The body of water was a calm part of a river or a lake or a swamp. He used a traditional farmer’s hat to cover himself.

via facebook.com/OfficialKaloka

Regardless if it was the model’s or the photographer’s idea, they both nailed the photo shoot!

via facebook.com/OfficialKaloka

Share with us in the comment boxes below if you have other ideas on how to make a creative photo shoot!

SOURCE: FacebookKami

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