Jeff Tam Did This To Yassi Pressman In Her Dressing Room! Her Reaction Was Really Priceless!

Who doesn’t love Yassi Pressman? Full name: Yasmin Isabel Yasto-Pressman, she’s one Filipino-British actress, singer, dancer, celebrity who’s stealing hearts wherever she go. Whether you’ve seen her before from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as “Alyana “Ally” Arevalo” or in her lovely performance as “Jessica” in last year’s Camp Sawi, her looks are definitely always something to look forward to!

If you’re someone who’s already taken by the Yassi craze, this video will definitely make you love your favorite Kapamilya star, more and more.

Nowadays, comedian Jeff Tam has been on the roll with this appearances in shows of loveteam LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) but that’s not all he’s up to nowadays.

He has been going viral online for his magical antics that are making netizens and stars alike say, “woaw.” There are some people who are left so astonished that they were just speechless.

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One of his recent “victims” was the darling Yassi Pressman.

With a blank DVD-R case and disc, he did a magic trick that will make your eyes peel wide open!

After making Yassi choose a ticket, she got “Kill Bill”, he asked her to rub it on his blank black case. After putting it in…

Voila! It turned into the movie! And we’re talking about the case and the disc!

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Of course, this surprised Yassi and her reaction was definitely adorable with her even saying, “isa pa!”

The video has gone so viral that it already has 322K views and 3,187 shares! Of course, Yassi was not the only one surprised with what they just saw.

There were other netizens though who said that they doubt that it was a magic trick by saying that it was probably edited.  Whatever the case, we can all agree that Yassi Pressman is cute as heck!

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