This Family’s Good Deeds Went Viral After Helping Fleeing Marawi Residents!

Ever since the Maute terrorist group attacked Marawi City in Lanao del Sur, Mindanao, a lot of local residents have been hurt while others were killed. Because of this, most people who live in the city have decided to evacuate for fear of losing their life amidst the ongoing battle. Fortunately, one family’s good deeds gave hope to the people of Marawi City as they fled their homes.

Amer Riga, a 28-year-old man from Balo-i located in Lanao del Norte, along with the rest of his family saw the terrible situation of the people escaping Marawi. It broke their heart when they found hundreds of vehicles filled with people braving the traffic just to reach other parts of Mindanao where the affected residents can seek temporary shelter.

Riga saw how exhausted these people were due to the long walks they endured under the intense heat of the sun which is why he and his family decided to offer the evacuees cold water for free.

Aside from that, they also gave them whatever food they had to the refugees since they were unable to bring enough for themselves due to the war that suddenly broke out.

It may not be much but at least Riga and his family did something to lessen the pain that the Marawi City people felt. He revealed that their family was also affected by a war which broke out in 2001 which is why they could relate to these people.

Soon after their post went viral, lots of people sent them a message asking how they could help. In a few hours, the family received plenty of donations which they will give to the Marawi City residents.

As of the moment, the family is still asking for donations from their family and friends and to other people who would be able to see their post. According to Riga, they are in need of more food for the fleeing families to eat on their way out of the war-infested city.

Woud you also do the same for the evacuees if you live in Mindanao? Share this post with your friends and loved ones so that they may also be able to help Riga and his family in providing food and drinks for the Marawi City refugees. 

SOURCE: Definitely Filipino

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