Mindanaoans Lectured The Students Of UP Diliman About The Decision Of Pres. Duterte To Declare Martial Law in Mindanao!

Martial Law was declared by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in Mindanao and it has split the citizenry. There are plenty of people who are not fond of it because of the country’s history with martial law under the dictatorship of the late Ferdinand Marcos who together with his family and his cronies, ravaged the land with their greed and for their own ends.

Why did the President declare Martial Law? Well, this is for the government to have a full on handle on the fight against the Maute forces who are trying to take Marawi City and the other insurgents that are in Mindanao.

Of course, there are people who are actually quite, in their words, “chill” with the situation. Well, to be fair, this martial law is not the same as one that was declared by the current president has different guidelines and, above all else, has a time cap and does not need “people power revolution” and a martyr to be lifted.

Well, a group that was quite against it are some students for the University of the Philippines Diliman. A couple of days ago, they had a “Peace and Justice Candle Lighting Action” in front of the Palma Hall that condemns the declaration of the President.

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They are saying that this is not the answer to help the people who are affected and that they are doing this with the people who are caught in the crossfire. They even used the #StandWithMarawi #PrayForMarawi

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This did not sit well with the residents of Mindanao, who are actually and currently under Martial law. Some of them gave the students a lesson by saying that they are quite “chill” in the area. They are also asking the students why they’re so affected when they’re not the one under Martial Law.

Additionally, there were netizens who said that instead of rallying and making themselves feel like they have a cause, they should just help out by sending relief goods to the people of Marawi.

Lastly, there was even someone who said this, “You don’t represent us here. BAKIT KAYO NAGREREKLAMO?”

What can you say about Pres. Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao? Is it needed or is it too much? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this story with your friends!

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