Yaya Lucille Marches On Stage With Her ‘Alaga’ After She Achieves Her Dream of Graduating From College!

The story of Yaya Lucille Guiquin, who finished her college education with honors (cum laude), will inspire you and warm your heart.

College is seldom affordable because of the numerous mounting costs that lie in wait. From thick college textbooks to ever-increasing tuition fees, graduating from college is an expensive and arduous task. In the Philippines, having a college degree is a requirement if you want to get a job that pays well – at least, most of the time. It also equips you with enough knowledge so that you can be a useful member of society.

GMA News Online reported that Yaya Lucille was in charge of taking care of her employer’s child, Josh. As Yaya Lucille marched on stage during her graduation ceremony, her beloved ‘alaga’ accompanied her!

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The report cited:

“Guiquin, who now has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, was employed by Roland Benzon in 2006 to look after Josh. She fed, bathe, “chaperoned” the child, and even helped with homework and exam reviews — tasks that were “beyond the call of duty” in Benzon’s words.”

Her employer was so impressed by her determination and the way she values education that they promised to send her to college after their son turned 10-years-old. 

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Benzon said in his Facebook post:

“Even though she still did household chores and cared for Josh, she strove to finish each semester with honors. Why? So she could qualify for a student subsidy and help defray her tuition (savings for us!). She even saved up for her own laptop, so she could complete her papers and reports on time … Four years of university passed so quickly, and she is done. Well done, Lucille. Well done!”

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Their household cook, Caloy, also graduated on the same day. Benzon said:

“Caloy and Lucille were classmates, in fact. Though he wasn’t the ‘family scholar’, we realized that most of his mom’s salary was going to his tuition, so we chipped in, too.”

Wow! Isn’t that inspiring? Were you also amazed by Yaya Lucille’s story? Do you also know of any other yayas who were sent to school by their employers? Let us know in the comments section below! 

SOURCE: GMA News Online

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