This Man Rode a Taxi to the Airport Then This Taxi Driver Did Something Totally Unexpected!

It goes without saying that just about anyone who has explored Metro Manila probably has a taxi horror story. From the shady taxi driver to the taxi driver who cherry picks passengers, they are the reason why so people choose to Grab or Uber.

However, nowadays there are also people who are having bad experiences when it comes to those two ride apps.

Now back to the taxis. What usually happens when it comes to taxi rides to airports is passengers are forced to pay up to P2,000 or more. That is not the case with this story. Far from it, in fact.

Netizen Ian Warren Saberon posted on Facebook his story about what could be the best taxi driver ever.

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After hailing a cab to the airport, taxi driver Romeo N. Solano picked Saberon up. When Saberon said that he was going to the airport, Solano surprisingly made no fuss about it. He didn’t even ask for more money, unlike most taxi drivers who drive passengers to the airport. That’s just the first half of it!

When Saberon got to the airport, he paid Solano using a P200 bill and received the exact change in return. Afterwards, the Solano even had the common courtesy to help Saberon with his bags. This man is definitely one model taxi driver that every public transportation driver, whether they drive a taxi, Grab, or Uber, should emulate.

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Here’s Saberon’s message to Mr. Solano:

“Saludo po ako sayo Kuya Romeo N. Solano. God bless you po. Swertehin ka sana ngayung araw nato. Kahit na para sa Ngayung araw lang ang dalangin ko. kasi alam ko bukas o sa susunod na mga araw may magdadasal ulit para sayo na para pagpalain ka ulit sa sunsunod ulit na mga araw.”

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Of course, netizens lauded the taxi driver and they are giving him all the love. Saberon’s post has gone so viral that it now has over 10K shares and more than 30K reactions.

What do you think about this unbelievable taxi driver? Tell us in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this story with your friends!

Source: Facebook

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