Pope Francis And Donald Trump Had A Disagreement And Misunderstanding? Better Watch This!

When two of the most powerful and influential leaders of the world meet, many people will eagerly wait for updates and news of the results of whatever issue they touched on. The latest meeting of the world’s most powerful leaders happened between US President Donald Trump and Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church in Vatican City. But what made the meeting noisy in social media?

Many people all over the world are aware that the US head of state and the pontiff have been clashing against each other when it comes to their world views. Aljazeera, a news firm based in Qatar, reported that Pope Francis has been critical of Trump’s advocacy to build an impenetrable wall on the Mexican border and the United States’ current policy to not accept Muslim immigrants and refugees.

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The same news source also reported that the recent meeting between the two leaders in the Vatican has a background full of disagreements. When President Trump, together with his wife Melania, visited the pope, the two leaders seemed to be on two completely different levels when it came to “immigration, climate change and refugee policy”. Despite the range of clashing opinions from the two regarding different issues, the news source claimed that a “pretty standard meeting” is expected from them.

What caught the attention of many netizens regarding this official meeting are the photographs and videos showing “awkward moments” between them. pictures showing the “unhappy” pope while with the American head of state started to surface on social media. Some online users noticed that Pope Francis usually has a wide and charming smile when meeting different leaders. However, when he faced Trump, it seems netizens noticed the opposite.

There is an epic photo of Trump and his family with the Pope which went viral across the internet. It showed a glum-looking Catholic leader while Trump is smiling widely. Many netizens cannot help but compare the image to Pope Francis’ photos with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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Another video from the meeting went viral after it showed how the pontiff refused to be touched by the US head of state.

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