Jeepney Pervert Horror Story: You Won’t Believe What This Guy Did to This Girl Inside a Jeepney!

Jeepneys are everywhere, from major metropolitan areas to the most remote provinces in the country. Due to their convenience and ubiquity, jeepneys are a hotbed for a variety of activities. Robbers, romantic couples, and the occasional jeepney pervert – these are all commonplace in jeepneys. Unfortunately, the last one might be too common for anyone’s own good.

A netizen by the name of Maria Justine Signe shared her jeepney pervert horror story on Facebook that will make you cringe from start to finish. The post was written in a hodge-podge of languages but here’s the gist.

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Maria said that, at about 1:20 pm, she was riding a jeep when he noticed a sketchy looking guy in front of her. She was wearing a skirt but that does not in any way excuse what happened next.

She noticed that the guy’s camera flash was on and it was pointing up towards her skirt. The guy even tried to cover his perverted act with a paper bag.

That’s not all! Maria also noticed that the guy was staring down her skirt from time to time. This was quite a scary moment for Maria and she said that she was shaking while it happened because she didn’t know if the man was armed.

via Facebook

She took pictures of the pervert and even got a video of him in the act.

She said that she posted this to make sure that everyone can learn about this pervert modus operandi. She also warned everyone to be careful if they ever encounter this jeepney pervert. She said that she plans to have the guy’s put in a police blotter in order to make sure that this does not happen again.

What do you think about this jeepney pervert horror story? Do you think he was really a pervert? Tell us in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this story!

Source: Facebook

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