Mindanaoan Vlogger Chito Samontina Answers the Question: “Where The F*** Was the President” in this Viral Video!

Chito Samontina, TV host and content creator for online vlog-show “The Basta Bisaya Show” recently shared a video featuring his views on President Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao. 

President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law over the Mindanao region on May 24, 2017, at 10 PM after reports broke that Marawi City was besieged by the Maute terrorist group. This move, considering the Philippines’ history with Martial Law, was met with strong reactions from Filipinos who were either Pro or AntiDuterte.

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Some worry that the controversial declaration by Pres. Duterte mirrors the actions of the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. Indeed, in a recent interview with reporters, the president himself said that the “martial law of Mr. Marcos was very good.” This controversial statement was met with harsh criticism, particularly from those who lived through that tumultuous time.

Others see Duterte’s move as a means of isolating the movements of the Maute group who have pledged their support to the terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Many of Duterte’s supporters have rallied behind the declaration in the hopes that the government would subdue this threat quickly.

Samontina, a proud Duterte supporter, shared his opinions as a Mindanaoan in light of the uncertain and volatile situation currently developing in Marawi city.

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In his video, Chito Samontina called out the president’s detractors – saying they’re making a fuss over their own self-interests and personal political views. He strongly believes that Duterte’s move to lock down Mindanao is for the public’s safety, not only for the region but for the whole country.

(via instagram.com/chitosamontina/)

“So if others would say ‘no to martial law in Mindanao, what we Mindanaoans really hear is that: Let there be no peace in Mindanao,” Samontina said.

Check out what Chito Samontina had to say here:

What can you say about this viral video? Do you think Chito Samontina raises any good points? Do you think this move by Pres. Duterte will be beneficial down the line? Share your opinions in the comments section. Be informed and share this article with your loved ones on Facebook.

SOURCE: Facebook, Philippine Star

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