The Philippine Daily Inquirer Gets Called Out By Netizens After Using The Wrong Photos For The Marawi Situation!

The Maute situation in Marawi calls for unity, peace, and understanding. What it doesn’t need is anything that would aggravate the people to hate and fear even more than they already do. Unfortunately, the Philippine Daily Inquirer may have committed a serious error.

As of now, all we can say for sure is that the troops are in Marawi are fighting to liberate the city and that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has already declared Martial Law in Mindanao in order to contain the situation. With that said, it is the responsibility of every journalist to make sure that they are true to the facts and nothing but the facts at these times. Actually, just about any time as that is the nature of the job.

A post on Facebook is going viral today after a netizen pointed out that the Philippine Daily Inquirer allegedly used pictures of the devastation from 2013’s Cotabato Bombing in a report about the situation in Marawi.

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If that was the case, this caption would definitely be a case of faulty journalism.

“IN PHOTOS: Situation in Marawi after members of the Maute group attacked the city.”

The Inquirer claims that it was given to them by a contributor. If this was the case, then a simple fact check would easily prevent this from happening.

The post included photos of burning cars, scorched buildings, and other signs of devastation. This is not to say that the same or similar conditions could not be happening in Marawi as of the moment but if these are photos from Cotabato and not Marawi, then this is definitely shoddy work.

Netizens raised their concern about the post, asking the publication to “stop spreading nonsense” and for it to “stop fooling the people.”

There were some other netizens who flat out called the incident fake news and that it is just something that would make people worry even more. Although, there is a netizen who claimed that the picture with the scorched school building happened in Marawi the night before the post.

As of now, The Philippine Daily Inquirer have already deleted their post and they have yet to issue a statement regarding their alleged blunder.

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SOURCE: Pinoy Trending

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