Eggshells Can Save You from Tooth Decays and Treat Cavities! Find Out Here How!

A smile is very important as it leaves a lasting impression to people. Hence, it is also important for you to have a good set of teeth to make sure you will have a captivating smile. However, how can you have a good lasting impression if you have cavities and tooth decay? Here, we will help you to get rid of cavities and tooth decays.

Do not worry as you don’t have to go to the dentist and spend more as what you need can be found at home. Yes, you read it right! Just at home, and that would be eggshells!

Eggshells are rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, silicon, iron, sulfur, and aluminum. It is also designed like our teeth. As it is rich in calcium, it will help us re-mineralize the teeth, thus, making it stronger. Just follow the instructions below to know how you can use them:
1. Boil the eggshells for 5 minutes to kill the bacteria.
2. Grind the shells until it become powder.
3. Add ½ tsp of eggshell to any smoothie or dish every day. You also have to make sure you have enough Vitamin D intakes as it will help in calcium absorption.

You can start it now and let us know the effects by writing in the comment boxes below!

Via ArtikuloUno

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