Honesty Is His Policy: A Security Guard Returned A Bag That Contained 500,000 Pesos!

Ronald Leanata, a security guard from Atimonan, Quezon returned a bag filled with money totaling 500,000 pesos. The honest security guard refused to give in to temptation and instead followed his conscience. This modern day hero’s story will surely inspire you to do the right thing, regardless of your lot in life.

Today, bad news is being reported on a daily basis, so a little bit of good news is always welcome.

Here’s Leanata:

via GMA News

Apparently, he was just doing his usual rounds at the mall where he works when he found the bag filled with money left behind inside a pushcart.

What did the security guard do? Well, he reported it right away to the mall’s management and he made sure that the owner, who was probably panicking, eventually got the bag back! With this amount of money, anyone would have been tempted to keep it. But not Leanata, who proved that there are still honest and trustworthy people out there.

via GMA News

After a few hours, the mall’s management found the owner who was, of course, more than thankful to the honest security guard. That’s not all! Apparently, the owner wanted to pay Leanata for his kind deed but what did the security guard do?

He declined the reward! Unbelievable, right? He said that he was just doing his job and that job was to make sure that everyone and everything in the mall he’s was working at was safe and sound.

Of course, his deed did not remain unrewarded and the mall’s management gave the heroic security guard a well-deserved salute.

via GMA News

This story about the humble and honest security guard is going viral and has already picked up 1,905 shares and over 37,000 reactions within 5 hours!

Netizens were saying that he is a man to be lauded and that the mall’s management should quickly promote him or give him a raise. People are saying that he is a great example for any security guard or just about any person out there.

What do you think about this honest security guard? What would you have done if you were the one who picked up the bag with 500,000 pesos inside? Tell us in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this story with your friends!

Source: GMA News

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