This Man Who Just Went In A Bar To Have Fun, Ends Up Being Beaten By The Bouncers!

Bouncers are supposed to keep party goers under control and at the very least, maintain a civil atmosphere in the party, without any incidents of harm and violence. However, bouncers from Guilly’s in Tomas Morato did not just guard the entrance – they also beat up a drunk man out in the open.

The video was uploaded to the Facebook fan page ‘Boy Bastos.’ According to them, the man and the bouncers came from Guilly’s. Guilly’s is a dance and a nightclub located in Tomas Morato, one of Quezon City’s nightlife district.

The description of the video said: “Kapag gigimik ka ang dapat mong gawin ay sumipsip sa bouncer at wag kang manggugulo. kundi ka ba naman tanga eh. Gulpe sarado ka tuloy. Kaya ako laging protekatado ng bouncer pag pumupunta ako dito sa Guilly’s – Tomas Morato.”

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It was not indicated how and why the incident occurred but lots of netizens commented that the bouncers were seemingly weak because they supposedly ganged up on a single drunk man.

Some of them even commented that they looked like WWE wrestlers. Others said that they didn’t know how to throw a punch properly. Either way, the video is a strong proof that not all bouncers are doing their job properly.

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In this case, they were all beating up a man who was already tied up and as such, could no longer retaliate or hit back. It’s also not verified if the bouncers were indeed from Guilly’s. There was also no reports or indication that the drunk man has done something wrong.

A few concerned netizens appealed to share the video to show that not all bouncers are good. It could be seen that they were “ganging up” on the man who was already tied up.

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It should be a warning that not all things are settled upon with violence. Here is a short clip of the whole thing:

What do you think about this? Have you also encountered violent bouncers before? Let us know your stories in the comments section below!

SOURCE: Facebook

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