Brgy. Captain Agatep Nanampal ng Emcee sa Tinupig Festival ng Cagayan Dahil sa Kalasingan

Netizens and attendees of the recent Tinupig Festival were shocked when the President of the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC), Fred Arthur Agatep , very obviously slapped the back of the head of the emcee on May 20.

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In a video report by GMA’s “24 Oras”, it is clearly seen that Brgy. Captain Agatep struck the back of the head of the emcee in Lasam, Cagayan.

Apparently, Agatep didn’t hear his name being mentioned as the emcee was listing off the members of the ABC.

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The emcee as well as the audience was stunned, because Agatep’s name was very clearly heard by everyone.

Agatep is from Barangay Centro II (Poblacion).

Reportedly, Agatep was intoxicated during the event. In the video obtained by 24 Oras, we can see that the President of the ABC was staggering while on stage.

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Watch the video report by GMA here:

In a follow up report by Rappler, the emcee’s identity was revealed as Jeremy Christian Rola.

Mr. Rola is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), now currently employed at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) regional office.

According to Rola, he was reading the list of barangays and their respective captains in alphabetical order.

“Unexpectedly, ‘yung excited po na kapitan pumunta na siya sa harap dahil hindi daw natawag name niya… Lasing kasi siya at excited. Gusto niya po first in the list kasi siya ang ABC president,” Rola said to Rappler

Rola commented that he chose to be the better person and continue with the program – rather than make the scene worse.

“If there is one thing [I’m] proud of, [it] is the manners and good morals my parents and society have taught me… Instead of fighting back or walking out of the event, I thought to myself, there are hundreds of spectators waiting … and I don’t want to waste their time, so I just continued and ignored it as if nothing happened,” he said.

Through the help of Lasam Mayor Marjorie Apil Salazar, Rola says he plans on filing physical assault charges against Agatep on May 22.

Agatep has yet to release a statement concerning these events.

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SOURCE: Facebook, GMA, Rappler

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