WARNING: This Seemingly Mentally-Challenged Woman Carrying a Pipe Around Is Entering Into People’s Houses!

There are lots of people you see roaming the streets and residencial areas. With their variety, you should always be careful of who you interact with, particularly if you live in a crowded district. However, what if you encounter a mentally-challenged person along the streets?

Not just an ordinary mentally-challenged person, but someone who is carrying a long pipe with her? This is what Facebook user Red Rosheru posted on her account in order to warn people about the pipe-carrying woman she encountered.

According to her, the individual appears to be mentally-challenged since she randomly enters strangers’ houses and brings along a steel pipe with her. Rosheru said that they are extremely hesitant to approach the woman since she looks scary and dangerous.

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She continued that the woman has already entered her aunt’s house. She said: “Nakapasok na po sya sa loob ng bahay ng tita ko at naghahalungkat na po sa loob ng bahay ng makita.”

Rosheru said that even though they wanted to report the seemingly mentally-challenged woman, they could not do so since there are no people in their Barangay Hall. She was informed that the officials were in a team-building activity.

They have tried calling the police but to no avail. She noted that most of the people in their area are women and children, hence her pressing concern. Rosheru also said that everyone should lock their doors and gates since the woman goes inside houses randomly and in broad daylight.

She said that the incident happened in Purok Villa Gracia, Barangay Calios, Santa Cruz, Laguna, at around 2:30 p.m. Rosheru stated:  “Pumasok po sya bigla sa aming compound, mabuti nalang po ay nakita ng supulturero na may pumasok at sinundan po ito. Pumasok po sya bigla sa aming compound, mabuti nalang po ay nakita ng supulturero na may pumasok at sinundan po ito.”

via facebook.com/081415pnr

Do you live in Laguna, specifically in Barangay Calios? If so, please be aware of this woman! Don’t leave your doors and gates open! Share this story on Facebook so that people will know!

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SOURCE: Facebook

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