MUST READ! If You Are Experiencing CONSTIPATION And Pain On Your BACK And STOMACH, Then This Might Be Happening To You!

Your health is something that you shouldn’t ignore. You know your body best which is why you should be able to tell if there is something wrong with it. It is important to always listen to what your body is telling you especially if you are experiencing even a bit of pain and discomfort. One woman shared her experience when she felt a common stomach ache, lower back pain, and constipation which turned out to be an illness capable of taking her life.

WARNING: The following post contains photos which might be disturbing for some readers.

Facebook user Christine Ching posted her ordeal which happened in 2015 when she was only 22 years old. According to her, her illness began during the 1st week of April 2015. She complained of a stomach ache, lower back pain, and constipation but paid no attention to it. She also noticed that her lower abdomen was growing but she only thought that this was caused by the fact that she was constipated.

On April 25 of the same year, one of her friends convinced her to go see a doctor since she appeared more bloated every week. Ching consulted a doctor of Internal Medicine to complain about her constipation. However, when she got there, the doctor noticed how big her stomach was. She was then referred to a gynecologist.

The gynecologist also took note of how big her lower abdomen was. Upon closer inspection, the OB-GYN claimed to have felt a lump inside her. Ching was shocked because the doctor wanted her to take many tests such as an ultrasound, CT scan, blood tests and much more.

The 22-year-old immediately underwent an ultrasound to check if there was indeed a lump growing inside her. To her surprise, the doctor found a humongous 19 cm tumor growing rapidly inside her. The OB-GYN told her that she needed surgery as soon as possible in order to determine whether the tumor is malignant or benign. She was warned though that there is a 50% chance that the tumor could be malignant.

When the test results came back, the tumor was indeed malignant and was the aggressive type which meant that she needed chemotherapy. At the ripe age of 22 years old, Ching was already diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was left without a left ovary and fallopian tube to prevent the spread of her cancer.


Ching shared her experience as a warning to other women, whether single or married, to always get checked even if they are not experiencing any pain. She added that it is important, especially for women, to get checked at least twice a year to prevent any serious illness from happening.


Currently, 24-year-old Ching is cancer-free and is now paying more attention to her health.


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SOURCE: Facebook/Christine Ching

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