Buhay Mandirigma: Siksikan At Kulitan Sa PNR Nakunan Ng Isang Netizen

Sweat, heat, and overcrowding of people, that’s what happens in the rush hour of the trains of the Philippine National Railway (PNR.)

Convenient, fast, and definitely cheap. Of course, what it isn’t is comfortable.

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Many people call this type of commute the “Mandirigma,” which translates to the word “Warrior.” They are not wrong.

After leaving these trains, people often are sweaty, tired, and unhappy, something that you would see in an aftermath of the battlefield, minus the blood.

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Well, If you’ve never been to one of these trains before, you’re in for a treat! A netizen by the name of Marjohn Dimla Camo shared his story on Facebook and it was definitely a battle. In a sense, you can see that there’s the inherent “Filipino” trait of seeing the funny side of a situation. As the train was already packed, which might be an understatement, there were still plenty of people who were trying to get in.

People were shouting plenty of funny “hirits” like:

“Hoy yung asawa ko nagkapalit tayo! Ang pangit ng sayo!”

and there’s this one:

“Yung brief ko nasayo!”

People were almost ready to start a riot. There were also people who were saying that they should kick out the driver.

Well, when it comes to these situations, one of the main problems happen when the trains are at a stop. Of course, apart from the people who are trying to board the train, there are also plenty of people who are already where they want to be and getting off the train is just as hard!

Are you a “mandirigma”? What’s your war story? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this story with your friends!

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