This Bullied ‘Ugly Duckling’ Transformed into a Beautiful Swan and is Now Married to a Rich man

She is now the envy of many women.

A woman only known by her first name, Kouk, made headlines in online sites after her story went viral. When she was young, she was always the subject of jokes, and was often bullied and discriminated against because of her looks.

She was undesirable during match-making sessions, that candidates openly express their feelings towards her. One candidate even reportedly said: “If I marry her, I will lose my appetite.”

After graduation, the bullying worsened, prompting the Vietnamese 22-year-old to undergo plastic surgery to improve and ultimately change how she looked. She spent around $20,000 on cosmetic procedures.

Almost immediately after her body healed, she began dating a young, rich man for six months. Shortly after, her boyfriend proposed to her and they tied the knot. ‘

Today, many of her haters and bashers envy her. Unfortunately, not everyone was happy about her transformation. As a matter of fact, many netizens pointed out that there was nothing special about her, especially when her beautiful fact is the product of plastic surgery.

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