If You Are Experiencing Horrible Menstrual Cramps At An Early Age, Better Read This Story Because This Might Happen To You!

Jasmine Gabriel is a Silver Spring, Maryland resident who, like other girls out there, experienced extreme cramps whenever her monthly period came. She had experienced painful periods since she was in grade six.

According to Jasmine, she just endured the pain despite knowing that the pain was not normal. When she was in college, she finally grew tired of the pain every she was experiencing every month, so she consulted an OB-Gyne. After narrating what was happening to her, she underwent an ultrasound. She was told she had fibroid tumors but she just let go of it as the doctor said she had nothing to worry about.

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After a couple of months, her periods started to last for two weeks which was unusual so she decided to consult an expert again. They found out that the tumors had gotten bigger and already displaced her uterus and cervix. She immediately underwent surgery called myomectomy on May 13, 2017, and the tumors were successfully removed from her body.

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The doctor told her that if she waited for one more month before she asked for consultation, she wold no longer be able to have children, so she was so thankful she listened to her body and the cramps she was having. She also left a message to all women. She said everyone should listen to what their body is saying. If you feel something is not right, have it checked by experts.

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Jasmine was relieved that her monthly struggle finally ended and that she will be having normal monthly periods moving forward.

This is a great reminder for all ladies to always listen to their body and to get a second opinion when needed. Your whole future might just depend on saying “no” to the consistent pain you feel and have come to think of as normal and a necessary part of your life.

Have you gone through a similar experience? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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