Uber Creepers: A Woman’s Uberpool Story Took A Disturbing Turn When The Driver Did THIS!

Why do people Uber? Well, apart from how it removes the hassle of waiting as you try your luck hailing a cab, it also provides all the information that can give any rider the safety he or she desires. But this story might just make you think twice about booking your next Uper trip.

Netizen, Ally Daff (probably not her full name as she said in her post that her real account got hacked) is a 24-year old mother who decided to take an Uberpool to MOA for work. She said that the 131 peso fair felt like a pretty good deal, or so she thought.

via Facebook

via Facebook

Being the first one to ride, she said that she felt that there was something wrong with the driver, Ivan Aaron Buenafe. At first, the guy told her to put on her seat belt. As she was doing so, the driver “helped her out” as if she had never used one before.

Afterwards, Ally’s Uber ride began to take a turn for the worse, as the driver started conversing with her, asking her personal questions such as her age and whether or not she has kids. Basically, the driver was pulling off “creeper” moves. The driver then said that he was willing to cancel Ally’s fellow passengers in the Uberpool trip just so he could “solo” her. He even said that he was willing to be her driver every day.

“gusto mo ba ng SB? gusto mo ng chocolates? kape muna tayo, o sama ka muna sakin sa CASINO, baka swertehin ako sayo. Gusto mo sunduin pa kita sainyo tapos ihahatid kita lagi sa opisina mo. Hindi na ako mamamasada para sayo,” the creepy driver reportedly said.

In the words of Ron Burgundy, “That escalated quickly!”

It just gets more disturbing as the driver asked her to stay in the car and even momentarily locked her in. What a creep!

“Pinipilit niya pa din ako magstay, hindi niya binubuksan yung pinto. Nanghihina na ako sa sobrang takot na parang hihimatayin na ako. Pinipilit pa din niya ilapit mukha ko sa mukha niya at nanlalaban na ako talaga hindi ko alam bat ganun :(“ Ally narrated.

Of course, netizens weren’t happy about Ally’s sketchy trip with the creepy Uber driver and one of them even said that she should sue the guy for illegal detention.

What would you do if you were in a ride with an “Uber Creeper”? Tell us in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this story on Facebook!

Source: Facebook

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