This Lucky “It’s Showtime: Miss Q & A” Contestant Flaunts Her Stage Boyfriend to the Kilig Crowd!

“Miss Q and A” is the newest segment in “It’s Showtime”. There are three rounds of question-askingfor the four gay contestants of the competition. On a recent episode, one contestant named Solen,drew the attention of netizens and viewers alike when she introduced her boyfriend.

“You have a boyfriend right now,” Vice Ganda started and the contestant confirmed that he accompanied her and was in the audience. Anne Curtis asked where her boyfriend is, but Vice also asked the contestant if it was okay to introduce him to the public.

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“Excited nga po siya e,” Solen exclaimed.

Then a man from audience proactively stood up and this was noticed immediately by Anne Curtis.

“Ay proud oh! Tumayo na kaagad,” the “Nag-Iisang Dyosa” said.

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Vice Ganda joked that the man was showing a part of his underwear so he asked the man, whose name is Emil, to pull his t-shirt down a bit. Vice Ganda did not stop from delivering humor to the public.

“Kamusta naman? Nakapagpa-X-ray ka ba kahapon?” he asked Emil. The audience laughed hard at Vice’s question. Even Emil laughed at it.

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Solen told Vice that her relationship with Emil is pretty new and just started to bloom. The comedian could not help but express his happiness about how proud Emil was about his girlfriend.

“Hi, Emil! Natutuwa ako at mukhang [okay ang] samahan ninyo at proud na proud ka sa kanya,” Vice stated. Anne Curtis asked Emil what his message was for his girlfriend. Then, the audience started giggling because of kilig.

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“Galingan mo bi,” the proud boyfriend said. He also affirmed Vice’s statement that he is giving his 100% support to Solen.

“Kahit nag-aaway po kami niyan, proud parin po ko,” he added. Vice admired how brave and courageous Emil is for standing behind on his decision of having a gay partner.

Meanwhile, Solen was able to answer the question thrown at her  with grace and confidence. We guess his proud boyfriend boosted her confidence on stage!

You can watch the kilig moment here:

How about you? How does your partner show that he/she is proud of you? Share your story with us in the comment box below!


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