‘He Bragged About How He Takes Advantage Of The Girls When They’re Drunk!’ Man Exposes The Wrong Doings Of This Driver Who Abuses His Drunk Female Passengers!

A male netizen shared his disgusting encounter with an Uber driver. Though the driver did nothing to him, the netizen became the witness to the harassment this driver has done to drunk girls. Uber is known to be safe and much better than other forms of public transportation, but this particular man is the exception.

The netizen shares the driver’s arrogance in the things he has done to the girls. The driver boasts about groping the girls and actually harassing them. An example  he gave was when a passenger was passed out in his car for thirty minutes. Although they were at the drop-off point, the girl would still not wake up.

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The driver said to the netizen that he tried everything to get her to wake up. And everything here includes groping her breasts, touching her legs, and even licking the girl God-knows-where.

The netizen felt intense anger but also pitied the driver for being stupid enough to share this randomly. He further said that a woman’s clothes will never be the same as their consent. He encourages everyone to tag people and share the post so people would be more aware.

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Not all drivers are like this though, of course, there are other people trying hard to be good at their jobs. Uber gives them an opportunity to earn for their families and for themselves. Disgusting drivers like the man above are just the exception to the reputation Uber aims for.

We know that the company listens and is big on customer feedback and relationships. We are sure that they will resolve this. But to prepare ourselves more, we should be aware of our surroundings and be more responsible as passengers. Let us not create opportunities that we are vulnerable and alone with strangers.

A company that relies on customer’s reactions and support will surely make sure that satisfaction will be at 100%. The safety of their passengers will be a top priority. This is why we get to see the profile of both riders and passengers, for complete transparency.

Uber and Grab were the minority in the past. Due to the small scale of their business, they could really take the time to monitor every driver and passenger. This was why they were safer than taxis in the past. But now with the expansion, we could say that the taxi drivers then are now shifting to Uber or Grab.

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These driving apps are still delivering top services. The number of nightmare drivers are few compared to the number of satisfied customers. But our safety is still in our hands. We cannot be complacent and vulnerable just because we think we are safe.

We must always be aware of what’s happening around us to avoid scary situations. Let us not judge these companies by certain situations but let us become more sensitive and aware because of them.

What do you think of this story? Would you still say that driver service apps are safer than other public transportation services like taxis? Share us your thoughts in the comments below!


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