GIRL POWER: Female Soldiers Bravely Fight Against The Forces of Terror in Marawi!

1st Lt. Sarah Jane Bagasol is one of the many female soldiers  bravely fighting for our way of life in Marawi City. According to the Inquirer, Lt. Bagasol dropped a 4.5-kilogram shell into a house believed to be sheltering Maute gunmen. A spotter declared a direct hit on the target.

1st Lt. Bagasol is 1 of 7 female soldiers plucked out of Luzon and deployed to Mindanao on June 1 to fight against the Maute terrorist group. One of their tasks is to provide combat support such as scouting and reconnaissance.

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Sarah Jane did not dream of being a female soldier. Although she completed her ROTC, Bagasol graduated from the University of Southern Mindanao with a degree in education. With that degree, she hoped to become a teacher at a public school.

In her interview with Inquirer, she said:

“I wanted to have a stable job. Then my former ROTC commandant told me that I should probably try entering the Army. He told me that soldiery is the noblest profession and, in jest, added that there is no capital involved in it except your life.”

Despite several months of working as a teacher, she unfortunately failed to get a plantilla position. Afterwards, she followed her commandant’s advice. She applied for the AFP’s 2nd Infantry Division in Tanay, Rizal.

Bagasol was commissioned a second lieutenant and assigned in Infanta, Quezon. During her 6th year, she was assigned to Marawi. The female soldier said that she draws strength from the unfortunate and tragic situations that befell the women and children of Marawi City.

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Contrary to popular belief, female soldiers are in the thick of fighting, surrounded by gunfire and combat.

“I also get nervous, but this is combat. What the male soldiers experience, we also get to experience.”

Lt. Bagasol narrated that she and her fellow female soldiers have also become targeted by enemy snipers. Their lives are in as much danger as their male counterparts.

Bagasol said that she got to interact and befriend so many people because of her job. She feels fulfilled knowing that she is becoming a role model to the youth. Although a living life away from her family and close to danger, Lt. Bagasol knows that her job is to serve the people and to protect the land.

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What do you think of her story? Are you inspired and thankful for the courageous service rendered by our female soldiers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Philippine Inquirer

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