This 29-Year-Old Man Proposes To A 5-Year-Old Little Girl! The Reason Why Will Definitely Shock You!

It’s not every day that you see a full-grown man propose to a five-year-old girl. But this isn’t any old regular day, it’s a special occasion! This is exactly what happened in the middle of Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, when a grown man asked a little girl, “can I be your daddy?”

You might be raising your eyebrows in confusion right about now but we assure you, the reason behind this odd proposal will surely fill your heart with love.

Grant Tribbett and Cassandra Reschar met on Facebook and from that moment on, they became inseparable. Cassandra wrote on The Knots’ How He Proposed:

“The past six and half months haven’t been a walk in the park but with all the life challenges that were brought our way we have only come out stronger and more in love with one another.”

Cassandra continued:

“After anxiously eating breakfast, hoping and praying he wasn’t going to get down on one knee in the middle of a very busy Saturday morning brunch, we left. We walked a mile in the woods, all the while I was wearing heels. It was quite the adventure, let me tell you! Finally, we got to a wooden bridge in the middle of the forest and he got down on one knee.”


After Cassandra said yes, Grant once again took a knee and faced Cassandra’s daughter, Adrianna. Grant asked her if he could be her daddy who would protect her and love her for the rest of her natural life.


Upon seeing the heartwarming scene, Cassandra broke into tears. She bawled and laughed and then bawled again. She narrated that it was just too much love for her heart to handle.

Adrianna was filled with an immense happiness and happily exclaimed:

“I finally get a daddy, mommy, I finally get a daddy!”

Being a single mom was a very hard challenge for Cassandra but with Grant by her side, life was now much more pleasant. He truly was a godsend.




Cassandra proudly shared how their relationship transformed Grant into a responsible person.

“I have gotten to witness an attractive, charming bachelor become a positive, loving and utterly the most selfless father to my little girl.”




How did this seemingly strange yet heartwarming proposal make you feel? Share your thoughts with us below!

Source: Dailymail

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  1. ernesto soriano says:

    that was a true sign that shows an honest sincere and true intention of love getting the approval of somebody whom you will be with for the rest of your life . I will judge this act excellent move for i perceive their relationship will end up in a happy family forever.

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