Nadine Lustre Was Bashed by a Netizen Who Says That She Does Not Deserve the #1 Spot on FHM’s 100 Sexiest!

Nadine Lustre currently holds the number 1 spot on FHM’s 100 Sexiest list for 2017 but it seems like the other half of the JaDine loveteam can’t please everyone. A certain netizen posted her sentiments on Facebook about why Nadine doesn’t deserve the number one spot on the FHM’s 100 Sexiest.

The netizen said that Nadine Lustre only climbed to the top of the list because of her numerous supporters but she really doesn’t meet the criteria for the poll. She says that the next round of voting for FHM’s 100 Sexiest should only consider 20% for its audience impact. She also said that there should be judges like the ones on beauty pageants.

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She also stated that it is a huge embarrassment if Nadine will hold the top spot and women such as Angel LocsinKim DomingoSarah LahbatiMaxene MagalonaPia WurtzbachMegan Young, and Liza Soberano will rank beneath her.

The netizen then proclaimed her her support for Angel Locsin, saying that Angel is the “perfect example of sexy inside and out.”

Afterwards, she then compared Nadine to Kim Domingo, who is currently in the number two spot. She said that, although she respects Nadine’s acting prowess. comparing Nadine’s body to Kim’s is like comparing a Mirage G4 to a McLaren P1.

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She wasn’t done. The netizen repeated and stressed the point that Nadine does not deserve to be considered the sexiest just because her legion of fans voted for her. Nadine may possess many talents but the netizen firmly believes that there plenty of women who are more deserving of being deemed FHM’s Sexiest.

The netizen has disabled public comments as Nadine’s numerous fans started bashing her.

What can you say about the netizen’s comments about Nadine Lustre? Do you agree with her? Share your sentiments below!

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